Immersive Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are the next best thing to seeing and experiencing the real world. They give people a tantalising taste of what’s out there, whether it’s a well-appointed hotel, a one-of-a-kind exhibition or exciting real estate opportunities.


At beinthe.SPACE, we specialise in immersive media technology. We create and deliver stunning 3D virtual tours of real-world interior spaces, both large and small.

Using the industry’s top platforms, our virtual reality (VR) technology digitally captures and replicates your physical space. We do this rapidly, accurately and in a fully customisable way, creating an immersive experience that will make your business or property stand out from the crowd.

With our keen eye for detail, a strong commitment to customer service and our use of cutting-edge equipment, beinthe.SPACE is creating 3D virtual tours that are revolutionising the way businesses and brands showcase their services.


A virtual tour allows prospective guests to take an exploratory walk through your hotel and facilities. You can also bring your most luxurious suite to life, tempting virtual tourists to make a booking right there and then.


An immersive virtual exhibition tour is an ideal way to promote art and artists. Not only are virtual exhibitions accessible to all, but they can also live on once the real show is over.

Commercial Leasing & Sales

Virtual property tours let you reach greater numbers of prospective commercial tenants and buyers while saving you time and money.


Bars, cafés, pubs, restaurants, accommodation providers, events, entertainment venues — throughout the hospitality industry, customers are turning to virtual reality to try before they book or buy.

Real Estate Rental & Sales

Easily increase your property showings in today’s competitive property market through virtual property tours. This is technology that is transforming the way renters and buyers find and view real estate.

creating a Digital twin

Digitise Reality

beinthe.SPACE captures reality with stunning precision. Your virtual tour will feature:

  • Full 360-degree views
  • Professional-quality photo resolution (134 megapixels)
  • Exceptional 3D accuracy
  • Relatable dimensions (accuracy of 99% within range of measurements)
  • Excellent depth resolution of 10 points per degree


Interior Spaces & Experiences

What does it feel like to experience an immersive 3D virtual tour? It’s unique, memorable and informative. People appreciate being able to access and explore commercial spaces on their own. They like being able to personalise the experience, and they enjoy the many choices that virtual tours offer. For today’s discerning customer, virtual tours are a bridge to real-world experiences.

Recent Projects


Craft Decor

South Fremantle Principal Showroom

Showroom / Art Gallery

Lori Pensini

For Gallows Gallery


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