Features of Real Estate Service

Virtual Tour Creation

Modern jobs are relying more than ever on technology – real estate is no exception. More homeowners are turning to the internet to find their perfect home, which means that real estate agents who want a slice of the action need to put some effort into being tech-savvy.

One popular option? Virtual home tours.

beinthe.SPACE offers virtual tour creation for real estate agents who are ready to take their listings to the next level.


Want to make homebuyers fall in love with your listing before they even step foot inside? For potential homeowners, our 3D virtual tours offer a way to access properties online with just the press of a button. For real estate agents, though, it provides so much more.

Investing in virtual tour creation for your properties can generate a multitude of benefits. With a virtual tour created by beinthe.SPACE you can:

  • Maximise your leads. Virtual tours provide a stimulating and entertaining reason for potential buyers to stay on your site and fully immerse themselves in your listing. Listings with virtual tours are more likely to receive views than listing without, meaning you can enjoy a greater reach and generate more interest in your property.
  • Garner a better understanding of clientele. Our system enables you to see what areas interest potential buyers, the average time spent on a tour, and so much more.
  • Create great branding opportunities. Show potential buyers what it’s like to work with you with a high-quality virtual reality tour. They’ll get a sense of your knowledge, personality, and flair, creating a connection before you ever talk face to face.
  • Conserve time and energy. Open houses are great, but they take time. With a virtual reality tour, your clients can experience a digital open house whenever and wherever they want.

Accessible Reports

We provide scheduled reports straight to your email that analyse your virtual tour.

You can easily see what areas of the house receive the most attention with a hotspot map. With this knowledge, we can choose areas of interest to feature in the highlight reel.

Helpful Graphs and Metrics

Easy to use graphs make it simple to understand how clientele are responding to your virtual reality video. Our graphs will help you see:

  • Total number of views
  • Views per day
  • Average time on tour
  • And more

Accurate and Multi-Faceted System

Using sophisticated equipment to obtain a 3D scan of the property, we can provide a floor or site plan within 1% accuracy.

Even with a great video, you’ll likely want more information on your website. We’re happy to provide a single-page website that will help you showcase your property in the best light. Our sites include elements such as:

  • Floorplans
  • Virtual Tours
  • Additional 2D Photography
  • Google Map Location
  • Detailed Property Description
  • Additional Property Details
  • Agent and Agency Contact Information

Boost Views with a Video Overlay

Take your virtual tour to the next level with a video overlay.

Video overlays – or a video within your video – are a fantastic way to introduce buyers to other aspects of the listing. Visitors to your site can explore a home and learn more about the locale they can expect to find there when you include a suburb profile as a video overlay.

Better Listings with beinthe.SPACE

If you’re a real estate agent looking to gain traction and boost your business, beinthe.SPACE can help you. Work with us and the many benefits our high-quality virtual reality tour videos have to offer. Our process is simple, and our products are unparalleled.

Ready to take your listing to the next level? Contact us today to find out more about our services or to set up a two-day scan of your property.