Using QR code’s in real estate signage

Most real estate agents try to attract customers by placing “for sale” signs in front of homes. This signage normally provides the agency’s name and contact details. It may also supply some basic information about the property. However, there usually isn’t enough space to include full property details or interior photos.

Effective Solution

A real estate agent can provide potential buyers with more information by adding quick response (QR) codes to signs. These specialised barcodes allow mobile phone users to instantly view the appropriate property listing pages. This gives them quick access to details on a home’s features, size, materials, appliances, age and cost.

It’s also possible for a sign’s QR code to send people to a virtual tour of the house. Visitors benefit from the opportunity to explore a home’s interior without scheduling a showing. If an agency wants to give buyers more options, it could supply two different QR codes that separately direct people to the listing and virtual tour pages.

Potential buyers face less resistance and “friction” when they use this technique to access more information about properties. There’s no need to manually enter a long URL or open up a browser to visit a website. Customers become more likely to look up a home immediately, reducing the risk that they’ll forget to do so.

Widespread Appeal

Quick response codes may appear complicated at first glance, but most people can easily use them to access online information. Around nine out of 10 Australians own smartphones, according to Business Insider. Anyone who carries an iPod Touch or a tablet with a camera can also scan these barcodes.

Many popular devices come with the software needed to perform this task. The potential buyer only needs to open a camera app and aim the phone’s camera lens at a QR code. Next, the device identifies the code and asks the user to confirm that he or she wants to visit the associated webpage.

The QR codes offers many benefits when compared to calling an agent on the phone. It’s quicker, guarantees immediate information and doesn’t require a commitment. This method also saves time for agents, as potential buyers can access everything they need online.

Tracking Benefits

Quick response codes can deliver useful marketing data. If someone manually types a URL or makes a phone call, the agent doesn’t automatically know how this person found the property. On the other hand, an agency can precisely track the number of website visits that come from QR codes on specific real estate signs.

It’s crucial to deliver a top-notch experience after the customer scans a code. Beinthe.SPACE creates attractive listing pages and impressive virtual tours at competitive rates. We comprehensively improve the look of a home interior, while using sophisticated methods to minimise the visibility of clutter and worn surfaces. Our staff can also help agents implement QR codes. Please contact us today to start converting more of your agency’s web traffic into hot leads and sales.